Reroute Traffic

Your IPv4 address is

When we send you traffic we have to decide how it reaches you (the route). Usually the route with fewer intermediary hops is chosen however this may not be the most optimal for reasons out of our control. This page controls that decision for your IP.

Analogy: you're in France and want to visit Germany. Imagining each country as a different ISP, how can you get there? You can take a road via Belgium, Switzerland or even just go directly. However different things may be happening on the roads at different times of the day: Switzerland might be trying to set up tolls, the direct route might be undergoing repairs, while the route via Belgium is seeing congestion during rush hour.

It gets a little more complicated however this is the gist of it. The result is that we have a small number of routes to choose from that may vary depending on a number unknown factors out of our control.

You are welcome to change the route as many times as you wish and may take up to a minute to go live. You will not see any disruption while switching routes.